Top event trends for 2020

Trends come and go. What was once all the rave is now falling by the wayside, making way for new and exciting event trends.

While you don’t want to be a slave to trends, it can be fun to incorporate a few into your events.

Get inspired by these eight industry trends for 2020.

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Seamless registration process

We’ve all heard the saying about first impressions and with events, it’s no different.

Apart from pre-purchasing tickets, your registration process is likely to be the first interaction your attendees have with your event. And if they’re forced to stand in a line the length of a football field, chances are their first impression will be negative.

For this reason, automated check-in processes are one of the hottest trends for the events industry next year. Not only will this help to move guests through the gates sooner, but it means that digital ticket technology will evolve to provide a better overall check-in experience.


Eco-friendly event planning

In the past, events have had a bad rap when it comes to sustainability.

In the new year, however, many event organisers will be looking to drastically improve their carbon footprints through creative planning.

This means reducing plastic consumption, offering better recycling options, and finding greener ways to power their operations.


Virtual and Augmented Reality 

As virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) keep improving, we’ll be seeing a lot more events incorporating these technologies.

Think: a virtual reality tour of the venue or Snapchat filters specific to your event.


Unique event venues

Non-traditional event venues have been increasing in popularity over the previous years, with much of the same expected for 2020.

Particularly for cultural or creatively themed events, event planners will be looking to shake things up by booking unexpected venues that play into event themes. Think large fields or farms, galleries and underground spaces.

Not only will this encourage better and more memorable event experiences, but it also encourages younger generations to get involved.

If you’re looking for an outdoor event venue, we think the Gold Coast is the perfect place to hold it!


More personalisation

Event attendees love the ability to personalise their own experience. And why wouldn’t they? Having the option to decide what you attend and even which topics are discussed massively enhances experiences for all attendees.

To do this, event management teams are looking to include options such as silent conferences (where guests use headphones to switch between speakers), live polling and the ability to personalise their agenda with various simultaneously run presentations.


Vegan and plant-based food options

There’s no doubt that people are becoming generally more health-conscious and it’s important that event catering reflects this guest preference.

This doesn’t mean that you need to ban the hotdog or salty bowl of chips, but you do need to consider your audience. To ensure your next event caters to your guests, think about audience demographics and plan out some catering options likely to appeal to them.

As we step into next year, events that fail to do this are likely to cop some flak from disappointed (and probably hungry) event attendees.


Growth in branded event apps

Apps have become a massive part of life for smartphone users, and in the coming year, event professionals are expected to take stock.

While branded event apps have been around for a while, functionality and technology are going to skyrocket in the coming year, offering a whole new level of experience to guests.

Think of ways your app could enhance event marketing or streamline event navigation, customer service and networking.


More focus on experiences

To keep consumers engaged, events in 2020 are more likely to be defined by their creativity and guest experiences.

While this might be more of an abstract concept that is harder to define, event organisers will be looking to change things up with a combination of trends that, together, will deliver more engaging events to their consumers.


To help ensure your event is truly memorable, don’t forget to start implementing these industry trends into your planning process. And if you need a hand, con-sol are here to help! Chat with our experienced event management team here to find out more.


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