The best event management blog posts for event planners

Event management best-practices change all the time. Trends evolve, objectives shift and as we collect more and more data, our understanding of what works deepens. 

But as a busy event planner or manager, keeping up to date on everything new in the industry can be a bit of a stretch. Luckily, there is a wealth of new knowledge and information being posted on event management blogs every day.

To help keep you on your toes, we’ve compiled a list of our favourite recent blog posts every event planner should read.

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Event Manager Blog – 6 Ways to Boost Brand Awareness for your Event

Brand awareness is everything. If people aren’t aware of your brand, how can you hope to get them to show up at your event?

This comprehensive piece from the Event Manager Blog provides a really good summary of what brand awareness is and why it’s important for creating a successful event.

It also offers some simple and actionable tips for boosting brand awareness and therefore, event attendance.


Con-sol – Conference Checklist: A Step-by-Step Guide to Planning Great Events

Whether you’re organising your first event or your fiftieth, having a structured plan of attack will ensure you never miss a thing throughout the event planning phases.

Using a wealth of knowledge and experiences managing events, the team at con-sol have put together a detailed checklist outlining how we approach conference and corporate event planning.

Take it for gospel or use it as a starting point and tailor it meet your unique event requirements – the choice is yours.


The Bizzabo Blog – Event Personalisation: The 2020 Guide

Regardless of industry, consumers expect us (as businesses) to understand them. But not just their age, gender and where they live. They want us to really know who they are and what they like or dislike. They want us to offer them things before they, themselves, even know they want them.

Events are much the same. There’s so much going on in the event space that to be successful event managers really need to step up their game to appeal to their audience. And one of the best ways to do this is personalisation.

This lengthy article from The Bizzabo Blog opens a conversation about event personalisation and why it’s important for your event in the coming year. They also cover the role of data in developing event personalisation and finish with some specific tips on implementing and measuring personalisation for your next event.


Con-sol – How to Make Your Next Event Environmentally Friendly

Events are notorious for excessive waste and energy consumption. And with consumers becoming generally more concerned with sustainability, there seems to be a disconnect between what audiences want and what event teams are offering.

This is why many events are now opting to go eco-friendly.

If delivering an environmentally friendly event is something you’ve been considering, check out these 6 simple ways to introduce sustainability into your event plan.


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