Exciting event trends to look forward to

Audio-visual trends change fast as new technology constantly develops.

And while there’s no need to scrap your event plans every time new technology is released, it’s always useful to stay abreast of AV trends to ensure you can make informed decisions about your next event.

So, without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the biggest AV technology trends set to hit the event planning industry over the coming years.


Remote Engagement with Livestreaming and Virtual Reality

The ability to connect remote audiences with events in real-time is nothing new. Over the coming year, however, technological advancements in areas such as virtual reality will see remote engagement experiences reach a whole new level.

In addition to more realistic experiences, event organisers will also be able to create ‘tracks’ for specific interests. This means that remote audiences can select a route of sorts for their event experience, allowing them to move around and attend different sessions via moveable cameras at the event.


Enhancing Experiences with Extended Reality

You may have heard of augmented reality and virtual reality, but have you ever heard of extended reality?

Essentially, extended reality (XR) is the culmination of numerous emerging trends in the immersive digital experiences landscape, including virtual, mixed and augmented reality.

In previous years, these technologies have been largely focussed on entertainment – helping users create content like Snapchat videos and immersive gaming experiences like those using virtual reality headsets.

What’s relatively new in this space is the ability for businesses to utilise XR at events for training, project simulations and other interactive methods of engaging with consumers.

Although you may not see many events using this cutting edge technology in 2020, it’s out there, and may be coming to an event near you sooner than you think.


Increasing Engagement with Voice Technology

From checking the weather to booking appointments, consumers are using voice technology every day. And as a process we’re now so familiar with, it makes sense that event organisers are starting to utilise it more to enhance event experiences.

As we step into 2020, voice technology is also beginning to improve – with the average query moving away from more basic “where is my next appointment?” to complex “book my next appointment with XYZ”.

With this technology advancing all the time, event organisers are taking stock by developing smart assistants that predict what the user is trying to achieve.

So, if the user asks, “Where is session 2 being held,” the assistant will respond with a location, speaker name and time, as well as asking whether they would like to be signed up for the session.


The Next Generation of Digital Signage

Another audiovisual technology set to be revamped in 2020 is digital signage.

As we move into the next year of events, AV teams will be looking to utilise data-driven technologies to display more personalised content among attendees.

Things like video walls, interactive screens, customer service boards and advanced projection technology will also be increasingly utilised throughout events to provide more memorable visual experiences.

Gone are the days when content was limited to the confines of a screen, either. With the ability to project high-quality imagery on to just about any flat surface, event planners are now looking to use spaces like dining rooms, car parks and even the outside of a venue to display creative content to their guests.


Getting the right AV tech for your event

The AV industry is ever-changing and it can be difficult to keep on top of every new technology.

It’s also not always necessary to use the biggest and most expensive solutions when something less extravagant could actually produce a better outcome.

Learn more about maximising event experiences without blowing the budget.

At con-sol, we’re passionate about staying ahead of the game and delivering best-fit solutions to our clients, whether that be an innovative new technology or a more traditional approach to your AV experience.

We’ll never recommend something just for the sake of it and will always help you choose the best option for your event needs.

Give us a call or drop us an email to learn more about how we can help you make your next event memorable with quality AV and event management solutions.


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