Why you should use a single vendor for your next roadshow

Roadshows are the ultimate way to boost awareness of your business and get your message out to the right people.

They allow you to meet and engage with your staff and/or business prospects, showcase what you’re doing in-house and reach a national (or even international) market in an interactive and personal way. They also directly reflect who you are as a brand.

As such a key platform to connect with your audiences, the event planning and audio-visual components of your roadshow must be on point every step of the way.

That means using a single event management company that aligns with your vision and can deliver on your objectives for the event.


Utilising a single event management and AV company for your roadshow means consistency across your events. You can expect greater reliability in your set up and costs, consistency in your event delivery, dependability in your equipment and the same great experience for your attendees and presenters, no matter the event venue or location.


Unlike a multi-vendor approach, choosing a single vendor for the duration of your roadshow means you won’t have to explain things twice. As they get to know your company and vice versa the set up, event delivery and pack down will happen a lot more smoothly. There’s no running around guessing and no barrage of repetitive questions.

A good event management team will also take note of the things that went well and the things that could have been improved and use this to streamline processes for future events.

Close collaboration

Through working side-by-side with you throughout your roadshow, your event partners will start to feel like an extension of your own team. They’ll better understand your vision for the event and your presenters will quickly realise the benefits of working with the same core team from event to event.

When they feel like your success is their success, you can guarantee that more love and care will be put into achieving your goals.

You can trust that AV equipment will work

There’s nothing worse than the stress of equipment failure. Imagine having to go through that every time you set up at a new location?

Choosing a single event vendor, you can be sure that the equipment they use is right for your needs and that it will simply work come go-time. A good event team will also carry backups and have industry connections across Australia just in case something breaks on the road.

Why choose con-sol for your next roadshow?

Con-sol offer comprehensive audio-visual and event management solutions for businesses of all shapes and sizes.

With extensive experience working on corporate events and roadshows, we know what it takes to deliver consistently exceptional results that take the stress out of event production. From initial planning right through to execution and pack down, we’ll offer our industry expertise to ensure a smooth ride all the way.

What our clients have to say about working with con-sol:

“I am getting great feedback from our staff about the work that con-sol is doing to support our Solution Showcase Roadshow. The con-sol team are doing an exceptional job. Nothing is too much trouble and they are going above and beyond what we expected. It has been especially beneficial to have the same team travel with the event as they have a level of familiarity and understanding of the program which is delivering a much more professional and consistent event across all of the locations. The team have built fantastic working relationships with all of our presenters and events staff. The support from con-sol has allowed our presenters and events staff to relax and spend more time networking and less time rehearsing and worrying about their presentations and set up.”

Chat with us today to learn more about our end-to-end event management services.

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