Overcoming challenges to create a wildly successful event

Con-sol was engaged as an audio-visual partner by a client who was looking for support with a range of AV requirements for an upcoming conference.

The client had already selected and confirmed the conference venue before contacting our team, who were then invited to attend a venue site inspection in order to assess AV possibilities.

The venue was considerably larger than the client required for this particular conference but had been negotiated at a very good price. At the time, the client was happy with the selection as it was in a highly desirable precinct.

Services Required

  • Technical direction and management
  • Organisation and coordination of AV logistics
  • Site management and risk assessment

The Challenge

After conducting the site and risk assessment, we identified several room setting, AV and budgetary challenges for the client.

The venue was a large arena, which wouldn’t translate into the intimate conference setting desired. We concluded it was necessary to create a smaller conference space within the area to provide attendees with the optimal experience.

Unfortunately, this translated to a considerable, and unplanned, expense.

The cost of the rigging and motor control elements we required to create the desired atmosphere and setting exceeded the client’s entire AV budget. This didn’t even cover the sound, vision and lighting elements that were required to create a visually stunning event.

Given this, the client was facing further financial outlay to achieve their desired result in the arena space.

The Solution

After some quick research and exploration, we found an alternative venue within the same precinct that met all of the event requirements. It was actually a basketball court!

The con-sol team worked closely with our client to install all the appropriate AV equipment and set up the event to ensure the conference played out exactly as planned.

The Result

The conference was a huge success.

Not only was the client thrilled with the way all components of the event came together, but the guests were extremely impressed with the outcome, too.

Throughout our partnership, the client also realised the value of engaging con-sol early in the event planning cycle to ensure all AV considerations were understood prior to reaching a decision on the most suitable venue.

Through offering superior customer service at every stage, and working collaboratively to overcome challenges, our team provided an experience which went above and beyond what the client had expected.

If you need a hand organising an event you can be proud of, we can help! Chat with our team and let’s get planning.

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