Case Study

Planning a national conference and connecting LA to Darwin

Con-sol was approached by the client to provide end-to-end event management services for their national conference, which rotates nationally around Australian cities.

We joined as an external event partner, working closely with their internal team to improve event execution and bring a fresh perspective.

After analysing the project, we identified a range of areas where we could add value to the project with minimal or no additional outlay from the client.

Services Required

The Challenge

The video conference link was set up with a Video Conference Bureau, a purpose built facility in Los Angeles, CA.

However, due to other commitments, the keynote speaker could only give the keynote from his Malibu home, 53km from the city and the video conference facility. Unfortunately, his home lacked the equipment or telecommunications infrastructure for sufficient connectivity.

The client had originally contracted with another company to provide all audio-visual production to the conference. However, the other company were not prepared to supply and service the video conference at both locations. Other large audio-visual suppliers were approached but none were prepared to provide the service.

Given that the speaker couldn’t make the trip to the Video Conference Bureau, things reached a stalemate.

That’s when the client reached out to con-sol. We were a regional supplier of audio-visual services to the client and had provided video conference services in the past.


The only possible solution was to equip the speaker’s home with the appropriate video conference equipment and telecommunications infrastructure capable of hosting a broadband quality teleconference.

There was so much to do, and not much time to do it.

Con-sol jumped into action and:

The Result

Plenty of late night telephone calls were required due to the time difference between the US and Australia.

However, in the end we had a successful connection, which was tested prior to the conference confirming a successful teleconference connection.

The keynote address went smoothly on the day, with no technical glitches. The client was thrilled, and delegates were none the wiser.

The conference occurred in 2000, when high-speed and broadband connectivity were only beginning to emerge. At the time, our turnkey solution was cutting edge technology.

Although our technological capabilities have progressed well beyond the capabilities of 2000, we continue to go above and beyond for our clients.

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