What does an event management company do?

In essence, an event management company will help you to plan and execute all aspects of your event.

But what does that actually entail?

There are so many facets to an event managers’ job that we’d be here all day if we tried to list them all. So, let’s start with some of the important things a respectable event management company should do.

Help to maximise your event budget

If you’ve ever tried to manage an event budget on your own, you’ll empathise with the tumultuous task it can be. From the basics like managing the many event costs through to providing a seamless method to accept payment from your attendees, sponsors and exhibitors, managing the bottom line can make your head spin.

An event management company will work with you to understand your budget expectations. That is, whether you’re prepared to underwrite a loss, are happy to break even or if you’re set on making a profit.

With this in mind, your event partner will then work on your behalf to provide advice and reconcile all elements of the budget to achieve this outcome.


Offer creative ideas and solutions

When you envisage your event, you’ll probably be thinking about all the bells and whistles you could include to make it really awesome.

But how do these things fit in with your budget?

Your event management team is a resource to help you understand what’s possible without breaking the bank.

From a creative point of view, many organisers begin with something specific in mind (like an elaborate stage set) that often isn’t feasible for the project.

In this instance, our team would work to offer creative solutions that deliver a similar look and feel without overstretching the budget.

Help you to manage event risk

When planning an event, there are two key types of risk: financial and reputational.

Using expertise, credibility and experience, your event manager will help you to understand the financial risks associated with each decision you make. We’ll also advise on the best approach to alleviate these, keeping in mind that there will always be some element of risk involved.

Reputational risk is another crucial element to manage throughout your event planning and execution. A poorly executed event leaves you open to criticism and can lead to people forming a skewed opinion about your organisation.

A reputable event management team like con-sol will mitigate your risk by helping to deliver events that are managed responsibly, professionally run, topical, and that attracts the right crowd.

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Help you to market your event effectively

Effective marketing is a critical element in event planning. Yet many businesses spend so much time thinking about how to execute that good marketing falls through the cracks.

Of course, marketing an inaugural event will be very different from one with a long history and a wealth of customer data to help target the right people.

Utilising the expertise of your event management team, you’ll be able to get to the crux of what you’re trying to achieve and formulate a marketing plan that helps get the event to where it should be.


Ability to negotiate and optimise your event spend

One of the most common pitfalls of planning your own event is the ability to negotiate effectively.

Through experience and industry connections, your event team will better understand the worth of your contracts and work on your behalf to secure both the price and conditions that your event requires.

A good event partner will also leverage their knowledge and industry contacts to get the best outcome for you as the client.

Advise on the best audio-visual solutions

Did you know that audio-visual, on average, consumes around 35% of an entire event budget?

As the second-largest event expense, it’s really important to extract as much value as possible out of your AV.

A traditional event company will be able to work with an external AV partner to deliver on all audio-visual aspects of your event.

Alternatively, you can contract a dual partner like con-sol who specialise in both event management and audio-visual solutions for a streamlined event approach that optimises your overall event spend.


Manage event logistics  

Very often we come across clients who have tried to manage their events in-house and have underestimated the logistics and admin that’s involved in putting it all together (think scary spreadsheets with multiple scrolls – not fun)!

From that perspective, an event manager is a significant relief to have.

Utilising bespoke software, systems and processes, your event team will take ownership of logistics in a way that is more efficient and causes way fewer headaches for you.

This significant piece of value allows you to shift your focus back to your business.


Put your mind at ease

An event management company is there to ensure everything throughout your event runs smoothly.

They should have relevant industry experience, credibility and a relevant track record. Ensure they have ideas that fit your purpose and can provide references who can speak to their ability to deliver.


Eliminate the middleman

In working with an event team like con-sol as your event management and production supplier, you’ll eliminate the middle man and optimise every dollar you spend, with no mark-up or hidden costs.

Dealing directly with our team means direct communication with a single person in charge of delivering your event. This means nothing gets lost in translation, and everything turns out as it should.


Tired of trying to do everything yourself? Wed love to help you deliver incredible event experiences for the people who matter to you.

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