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Studio 13 – Digital Event Services

con-sol offers a state of the art production studio located onsite at our Gold Coast premises. Within Studio13 our team can create digital content for events, host virtual events and offer a corporate studio space for hire

Digital Content for Events

Today’s event attendees’ appetite for entertainment, engagement and personalisation at events is higher than ever.

Delivering event content that matches your attendees expectation in a professional, contemporary and affordable manner is what we do.    

Our team will develop digital content for your event that is an extension of your own brand experience.

We offer a full suite of content development services that includes:

Hybrid Events

Hybrid events seamlessly integrate both in-person and virtual attendees. These services aim to enhance the overall event experience, facilitating effective communication, and ensuring engagement for participants, regardless of their physical location.

We have successfully delivered numerous hybrid events across multiple formats, venues and locations.  Our team offer a range of platform and interactive tool options to complement the in-person live elements and guarantee a polished event experience for all attendees.

Virtual Events

With Studio13 by con-sol, you can lean on our expertise delivering successful virtual events, utilise engagement tools such as interactive chat, Q & A, polling and extend the life of your event with a range of post event on-demand options.

The support of our professional and experienced team coupled with our broadcast quality production equipment and event platform options is your guarantee that your event will be trouble free, on time and an engaging experience.

We offer a range of virtual
event services from Studio13


Livestreaming and Podcasts



Studio 13 for hire

Studio 13 is a cost-effective professional studio environment, located within con-sol’s premises on the Gold Coast.

We offer multiple studio spaces for hire that cater to both the simple and the more sophisticated production requirements.

At our premises we provide complimentary onsite parking, a green room for talent and an organisers office with high speed internet.

We design the Studio13 inclusions to match your specific requirements. 
In addition to studio hire we can incorporate:



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