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Some AV suppliers do a good job hosting your event and conference. At con-sol, our company delivers nothing less than a perfect event. From the company Director to every Account Manager, we share a common goal...extensive research, smart planning, the right equipment and best people to deliver a successful event, every time and within budget.

In the FAQs section, gain knowledge about working with AV companies. More importantly, you will understand the importance of selecting the right AV supplier for your next event.

To view an answer, click on a question:

  1. How do I know that before and during my event everything will go according to plan?

  2. Are you going to confuse me with technical jargon?

  3. How can I be sure that I'm getting the most appropriate equipment for my event?

  4. How do I know which venue is the most appropriate for my event?

  5. How do I make sure that I maximise the use of available conference space?

  6. How do I know if my planned budget is realistic for my event?

  7. Why do AV supplier quotations vary dramatically with each other?

  8. By choosing to use the latest equipment technology, what is appropriate for my conference?

  9. What assurance do I have that the event won’t be ruined because of equipment failure?

  10. Can I work with a single person throughout the entire project?

  11. Will the same con-sol person be responsible for speaker management, requests and changes?

  12. Will my single point of contact be present onsite throughout the entire event?

  13. If I am planning a national road show event, what are the benefits of using the same AV supplier at each venue?

  14. Will the wiring or audio-visual equipment you install create a safety issue for my guests?

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