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To be successful, an audio-visual conference requires the right people, planning and equipment. You need the right people with the right skills who understand the level of detail required to plan a successful event production. Equally important is the appropriate equipment.

The road that leads to an outstanding conference begins with a team that can get you there. You need reliable and trustworthy account managers who make a commitment and keep it. We carefully select and assign a personal Account Manager responsible for every facet of event production that includes...

  • Large and small audio systems and recording

  • Video production

  • Projection and display systems

  • Lighting systems and design

  • Stage design

  • Entertainment

  • Theming

  • Multimedia display and design
  • OH&S Survey and Evaluation
  • CAD drawing presentations.

The end result is a consistent, predictable outcome that maximises your budget.

We invest in the finest quality audio and visual equipment that works the first time, every time. We provide the sharpest technicians with specialised talents in equipment setup to create sound and vision effects that are high impact and exciting. Conference guests are impressed and your message is delivered with style and class.

We are careful to never waste a single dollar of your budget on high cost options with minimal benefit. Our flexible can-do approach gives you a tremendous amount of value and support when organising your event. Our business is small enough to care about every client and large enough to satisfy the most demanding event production requirements. From a modest local event to road show campaigns, rely on con-sol as your total solution audio-visual supplier.



Service…we don't just say it, we do it

Introducing con-sol's 6-step checklist for producing an outstanding event

1. Start with Event Production Management

  • Audio-Visual Conference Recommendations and Advice

  • Concept and Design Planning

  • CAD Drawing

  • Coordination of Venue and Outside Services

  • Organisation and Coordination of Logistics

  • Logistics is the management of the flow of equipment, information and other resources including energy and people.

  • Budget Management

  • Venue Assessment

  • Risk Assessment

2. Select the Right Audio Options

  • Live Audio Production

  • Post Production

  • Recording

  • POD Casts

    A podcast is a series of digital media files either audio or video released episodically and often downloaded through web syndication.

  • Voice-overs
    Voice-over is a production technique where an off-camera or off-stage commentary voice is used in a radio, television, film, theatre, or other presentation. The use of the technique offers several benefits…

    • Adds a professional edge to all introductions.

    • Pre-recorded messages eliminate the need for someone to make announcements.

    • Allows for sponsors to be recognised appropriately and professionally.

    • Allows for housekeeping announcements such as, “Please turn off mobile phones”

    • Allows for the recognition of sponsored sessions.

    • Great idea to use between morning tea and afternoon tea breaks.

    • Provides alerting tones prior to informational announcements such as, “Next session is about to commence, please take your seats.”

3. Choose the Right Visual Techniques

  • Equipment Configuration
    Choose a single source projector or complex multi-image camera recording video production.

  • Presentation Graphics

  • Design Audio-Visual Conference Theme

  • Webcasts
    A webcast is a media file distributed over the internet using streaming media technology to distribute a single content source to many simultaneous listeners/viewers.

  • Video on Demand (VOD) Casting
    Television VOD systems either stream content through a set-top box, allowing viewing in real time, or download it to a device such as a computer, digital video or portable media player for viewing at any time.

4. Arrange the Appropriate Lighting

  • Lighting Design, Production and Direction

  • Camera Lighting

5. Set the Stage

  • Overall Design Concept

  • Set and Theme Design

6. Attend to Rigging and Compliance Issues

  • Stage Truss
    An integrated truss structure forms the backbone of the stage.

  • Load Assessment

  • Site Certification

  • Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) Assessment

  • Public Liability – Certificate of Currency



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