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Case Study 2

Client Brief
The client planned a national conference to be held in Darwin, Northern Territory. It was a large event for nearly 1,000 guests plus international speakers. A keynote address via video conference link was scheduled for an iconic presenter to speak about the American property industry and market.

The Challenge - Resolving the Problem
Facilities for the video conference were located at a Video Conference Bureau, a purpose built facility in Los Angeles CA.  The keynote speaker planned to reside at his Malibu home during the event, 300 km from the city. Due to other commitments, he was unable make the trip to Los Angeles. The video conference could only continue if hosted from his Malibu home which lacked the equipment or telecommunications infrastructure for connectivity.

The client had contracted the services of another company to provide all aspects of audio-visual production to the conference. However, they were not prepared to supply and service the video conference at both locations. Other large audio-visual suppliers were approached by the client but the same response was received. Because the speaker was unable to make the trip to the Video Conference Bureau, a stalemate situation eventuated.

The in-house company preferred by the venue was appointed as the audio-visual supplier to the conference. They refused to supply and service the video conference unless the keynote speaker travelled to the Video Conference Bureau. The speaker in Los Angeles was not able to commit to this solution.

Up to this point, con-sol was a regional supplier of audio-visual services to the client but had provided video conference services to them in the past. The client approached con-sol to help resolve the situation with a practical solution.

Conference Solution
The only possible solution required the installation of appropriate equipment and telecommunications infrastructure capable of hosting a broadband quality teleconference. The client accepted con-sol’s commitment to coordinate setup of the video conference according to plan. There was much work to be done within a short period of time. The following was required...

  • Arrange in liaise with contacts using email services and late night telephone calls due to the time difference between Australia and the United States.
  • Arrange the installation of ISDN lines through a national communications carrier servicing the Malibu area.
  • Source a video conference consultant to visit the Malibu home and co-ordinate services.
  • Commission the Video Conference Bureau in Los Angeles to temporarily install the equipment that would relay the keynote address to the video conference venue.
  • Install the telephony and infrastructure required in the Malibu home to achieve the client’s desired outcome. Access to the speaker's home was a challenge because of the client's unavailability. As a result, the residence manager was required to coordinate all activities.
  • For client reassurance, a line test was successfully conducted prior to the conference confirming connection integrity between Malibu and the provider’s Sydney offices.

As a result of con-sol’s intervention, the keynote address went smoothly on the day and without incident.  From the delegate’s point of view, everything seemed normal. Only the client was aware of the enormous effort required by us to achieve the desired end result within the targeted budget.

The conference occurred in July, 2000. High-speed and broadband connectivity were only beginning to emerge and our turnkey solution was considered cutting edge technology. We are pleased to report that con-sol continues to provide conference support and solutions for all of the client's regional and national events.

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