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Case Study 1

Client Brief
The client requested con-sol to supply technical equipment and services for an event held at a popular Sydney venue for 152 guests.

Pre-event Preparation by con-sol
A Site and Risk Assessment was completed in the lead up to the event ensuring compliance and determining the need for additional requirements. The venue had a large, glass frontage allowing the majority of exterior light into the room. This was not conducive with the projection presentation plan due to the excessive amount of light.

Both our client and the con-sol team were assured by the venue operator that the windows would be draped with motorised black-out blinds to resolve the excessive light issue. After demonstrating their effectiveness, we were confident with the claims. With this assurance, the client was satisfied with the suitability of the venue. We proceeded to design an equipment package tailored to the needs of the client with no unnecessary add-ons or expense.

The Challenge - Resolving the Problem
We arrived at the venue one day prior to the event. The venue manager did not inform us that the motorised blinds were not operational due to an electrical problem. We discovered that the blinds could not be lowered to sufficiently block out the daylight. Despite this major setback, con-sol made a commitment to exhaust both resources and industry contacts if necessary to rectify the problem.

Our team immediately began to source local suppliers for sufficient drapes to adequately darken the room. Unfortunately, the drape length required was not available on such short notice.

We attempted to source an additional projector from local suppliers to effectively double the brightness of the screen image. It was a cost prohibitive exercise. At this point, our client was anxious beyond belief.  We reassured her that everything would be resolved and she would be pleased with the end result.

Conference Solution -The Solution
Despite obstacles, con-sol successfully sourced sufficient resources to ensure the presentation was enjoyed by every guest. With con-sol’s can do approach, the event was a success for the following reasons...

The projector required to solve the problem was secured from con-sol’s equipment warehouse on the Gold Coast. We instructed one of our staff to board a flight and personally deliver the projector.  He arrived at 9.00 pm, delivered the equipment to our awaiting van and boarded the next plane home.

We don't just say we go the extra mile to for our clients...we do it.

Our client was over the moon the next morning, relieved to see fully operational equipment and a bright crisp data image on the screen. The conference proceeded according to plan and guests were completely unaware of earlier challenges. The only cost to the client was a return airfare ticket Gold Coast/Sydney.

Thanks to our technical conference services, another successful event was achieved for our client within budget, despite unexpected problems. Although the equipment challenge occurred in 2003, we are pleased to report that con-sol is now the preferred event production services supplier to the client.

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